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Bojo Do Luar 2022 Lou 38 Pet-Nat
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Chantereves 2022 Matsuri Pet-Nat
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Gravillas 2023 Vin de France Jour de Teuf Pet-Nat
The Clos du Gravillas "Jour de Teuf" is a vibrant Pet-Nat made from Muscat Petits Grains grown in the rocky limestone vineyards of the Haut Minervois. The grapes are picked a bit unripe, then bottled after an initial fermentation with...
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Jonc Blanc 2021 Vin de France Bulle Rose
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Jonc Blanc 2021 Vin de France Bulle Rose
This delicate natural pét-nat is made with mostly Cabernet Sauvignon (70%) and a smaller portion of  Sémillon (30%), and shows a pink-orange color in the glass. The mousse is very delicate, but at a quite high pressure, and on the...
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Mathouans 2022 Vin de France Pet Nat Biodynamite
This is a new wine from Aline Hock - a delicious, savory rosé Pet-Nat! From young vines that Aline planted about 8 years ago, it has a lovely raspberry color and behaves like something between a sparkling rosé and a...
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Pinon, Francois & Julien 2018 Vouvray Frizzante 500ml
This is a unique and very unusual sweet Vouvray, as descibed by Chris Kissack in The Wine Doctor: "Poured from a 50cl bottle, this presents a modest golden hue, it not yet having taken on the rich patina of age....
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Zahel 2022 Gemischter Satz Pet Nat
$25.99 18 in stock
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