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Tastings & Events

Monday, March 2
Try Chamber's Selected Wheat Whiskey
5:00PM TO 8:00PM
After a trip to Heaven Hill distillery last year we purchased a barrel of delicious wheat whiskey. This Thursday we'll be trying it along with a selection of great Heaven Hill bourbons like Elijah Craig, Larceny and Evan Williams.
Wednesday, March 4
A Tasting and Dinner with Gideon Beinstock (Clos Saron)
5:00 PM TO 6:30 PM
We are pleased to welcome Gideon Beinstock of Clos Saron onWednesday, March 4th, for an in-store tasting followed by dinner at 7pm at Racines NY (94 Chambers Street). Chef Frederic Duca is preparing a phenomenal tasting menu to accompany the following Clos Saron wines: 2013 Carte Blanche, 2011 Home Vineyard Pinot Noir, 2009 Black Pearl, 2009 Heart of Stone, 2013 A Deeper Shade of Blue, as well as some special surprises from Gideon’s suitcase! The in-store tasting will run from 5 to 6:30pm and is free and open to the public. Tickets for dinner are $150 (all-inclusive) and available for purchase below. We hope to see you there!
Thursday, March 5
Tasting and Book Signing with Kerin O'Keefe ("Barolo and Barbaresco")
5:00 PM TO 6:30 PM
There is a surprising lack of well-written and reliable info in English about Italian wine, especially when compared to the acres of books on French wine. The wait is over! Kerin O’Keefe has published the excellent “Barolo and Barbaresco”, a fitting companion to her great book on Brunello. We are honored to have her come to visit on March 5th for a tasting and book signing at the store from 5 till 6:30pm.
Friday, March 6
New Arrivals with Theresa Ryder
5:00 PM TO 7:00 PM
Tuesday, March 10
Nicolas Gonin is here!
5:00 PM TO 7:00 PM
Nicolas Gonin's small estate lies in the no-man's land of Isère, located southwest of Lyon. Join us and Nicolas to taste and learn about his fascinating wines!
Wednesday, March 11
The Beautiful Piedmontese Wines of Vallana
5:00 PM TO 7:00 PM
Thursday, March 12
Leo of PM Spirits
05:00 PM TO 08:00 PM
Nicholas Palazzi's PM spirits label has become one of the nation's finest outlets for artisanal spirits. One of his star New York sales reps, Leo, will be by sampling whatever he's excited about, and we're sure it will be delicious.
Friday, March 13
Bruichladdich Scotch
5:00 PM TO 7:00 PM
Come in and taste the invigorating Scotches of Bruichladdich. Our friend Jim Carbone has visited the sea-swept island of Islay where these fantastic whiskies are born, and tonight he will be on hand to guide us through these delightful spirits including a gin that features many native Islay botanicals.
Thursday, April 16
Bruichladdich Scotch
5:00PM TO 8:00PM
Come in and taste the invigorating Scotches of Bruichladdich. Our friend Jim Carbone has visited the sea-swept island of Islay where these fantastic whiskies are born, and tonight he will be on hand to guide us through these delightful spirits including a gin that features many native Islay botanicals.

Dominique Belluard - Savior of Gringet

The wine district of Ayze is in the Savoie region of eastern France, not far from the Swiss border. Here the world’s remaining 20 hectares of an indigenous grape variety known as Gringet are farmed, and half are owned by Dominique Belluard. Dominique took over this estate in 1988 and became known for elevating Gringet from notoriously average sparkling wines to world-class, age-worthy wines that truly have a sense of place.

Situated at the foot of Mont Blanc, Dominique’s vines are planted in a mixture of marl, limestone, and iron-rich soils at a relatively lofty 400m in altitude. He has small parcels of Mondeuse and Altesse planted here as well, but the star is Gringet. Painstaking work in the vines allows Dominique to take a hands-off approach in the cellar, with all of his wines fermented with native yeasts and employing only the smallest additions of sulfur during racking. Of note is his commitment to using concrete eggs (which he began to experiment with in 2003) as opposed to stainless steel. The end results of this process are wines that are fresh, lively, balanced, and incredibly food friendly.

2013 was a difficult vintage with yields down all across France, and almost half of Dominique’s crop was lost. However, the wines from this troublesome year are proving to be of outstanding quality, and these wines are no exception. So dive in and taste some of the most exquisite and exciting Gringet around! Tim Gagnon

Belluard 2011 Vin de Savoie Ayse Brut Mont Blanc

From Dominique’s highest-altitude vines planted in limestone and iron-rich soils. With a minimum of two years of aging on the lees, this is a rich, fruit-forward, and complex wine with notes of exotic mango, tangerine seeds, and green tea. It has a vinous quality to it as well which is quite enjoyable. Opulent on the palate, with a hint of biscuit dough and a striking acidity. Tim Gagnon

  • white sparkling
  • 31 in stock
  • no discount
  • $43.99

Belluard 2013 Vin de Savoie Cepage Altesse "Grandes Jorass

100% Altesse from vines planted in yellow marl soils. These vines were acquired from the Dupasquier family who live close to Dominique. Altesse can yield rich, honeyed wines, but the 2013 is much more lean, layered, and delicate. A fantastic example of this grape. Tim Gagnon

  • white
  • 32 in stock
  • $42.99

Belluard 2013 Vin de Savoie Cepage Gringet "Les Alpes"

This is a blend of different parcels of Gringet vines around Ayze planted in limestone soils making it much more crisp and mineral-driven than its big brother, Le Feu. Honey-tinged with purple wildflowers, and orange blossom on the nose which alludes to the tangy pineapple, orange flesh, and apricot found on the palate.  Mouth-coating and waxy with a sea-salty acidity. Tim Gagnon

  • white
  • 48 in stock
  • $37.99

Belluard 2013 Vin de Savoie Le Feu "Cepage Gringet"

Le Feu is Dominique’s top wine. The Gringet grapes are sourced from his oldest vines planted in red, iron-rich soils located on steep south-facing slopes. This definitely lends a hand to this wine being more rich and deep than Les Alpes. Layers of red fruit and exotic spice play off of savory tamarind notes and a crunchy minerality. This is among one of his most age-worthy wines. Tim Gagnon

  • white
  • 28 in stock
  • $53.99

Feb 26 2015
An Evening with Gideon Beinstock (Clos Saron)
Gideon Beinstock of Clos Saron is coming to town and we are thrilled to have an entire evening to spend with him! Following decades of experience in wine sales, winemaking, and viticulture for Renaissance (the pioneering winery in California’s Sierra Foothills), Gideon and his wife, Saron,
Feb 26 2015
An Iberian Wintry Survival Pack
Popular demand and cold weather ennui have compelled us to assemble an Iberian Wintry Survival Pack! This is a case of eight reds and four whites from Spain and Portugal, designed to soothe and fortify you through the final weeks of winter. Rich, warming reds like Mas Marer from Rene Barbier and
Feb 25 2015
California Variety
We’ve never had such a dynamic (and delicious!) selection of Californian wines. Between classics and new producers, if you haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on on the West Coast then you are missing out on a heap of excitement. Winemakers are interested in grape vari
Feb 24 2015
Falkenstein: The Tangy Soul Of The Saar
‘Make wines low in alcohol with lovely aromas.’ A tenet of the legendary Jules Chauvet of Beaujolais, rarely is this phrase associated with German winemaking. Yet the wines of Hofgut Falkenstein in the Saar valley fulfill this as well as any producer in Germany, let alone France. This
Feb 22 2015
Vallana Tasting and Dinner, March 11th, 2015
There are a lot of exciting developments in Italian wine, and one of the most gratifying to us is the revival of Vallana, the great producer in Alto-Piemonte, making Spanna, Gattinara, and Boca. The new generation of the family (now called Fogarty-Vallana) is making fantastic wine again, and Vall
Feb 19 2015
Majestic Mountain Wines: Garnachas de Gredos (and some Albillo too).
To the best of our knowledge, Garnacha originated in northeastern Spain's Aragon region, which was the center of the powerful maritime confederacy known as the Crown of Aragon. From the 12th to 17th centuries, the Crown extended from Spain to absorb the Mediterranean states of Mallorca, Sardi
Feb 16 2015
Psychedelic Booze
We’ve never been so excited by a German liquor! In Germany, there are a variety of delicious herbal spirits, but few make it to our shores outside of the frat house favorite Jägermeister. This is a gross injustice considering how broad the selection of Italian, French and even American
Feb 16 2015
Nebbiolo, NOT Barolo or Barbaresco!
All of the experts agree that Nebbiolo is a tough grape to grow, even on its home ground of Piedmont and a little slice of Lombardy (there are some well-regarded non-Italian Nebbiolos, but so far the only one I’ve enjoyed was made by John Paul at Cameron in Oregon – it actually tasted
Feb 13 2015
Sparkling Wines for Valentine's Day and Beyond
Legend has it that Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony gave Cleopatra wineskins and jars filled with sweet and frothy red wine that was thought to be an aphrodisiac. Whatever your romantic intentions are for Saturday night, every occasion is more festive with bubbles. Below are some of our favori
Feb 12 2015
“Sweet is your Real Estate”
Sweet wines are sadly overlooked, misunderstood, and maligned. Perhaps uncertain of the wines' place at the table, we refer to them as dessert wines, as if to pair with cake or pastry; in truth there can be some inspired pairings. But when the sweetness would serve as a counterpoint to savory