Natural Wines Invade NY - Vivent Les Vins Libres and The Big Glou, February 27 - 29!

For many years now, hundreds of vignerons from all over Europe have joined together at tastings to display their wonderful new world of naturally-made wines, made from grapes grown in living soils farmed with organic and biodynamic methods. (One of the first and favorite is La Dive Bouteille, held originally in a cellar in Bourgueil in 1999.) Finally, New York will host two exciting events of its own - Vivent Les Vins Libres at Racines NY and The Big Glou at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, beginning Saturday February 27th. We urge all CSW customers to support both these wonderful events and the great producers who have come from around the world to present their beautiful natural wines!

Vivent Les Vins Libres brings 22 oustanding natural winemakers to New York on Sunday 2/28 and Monday 2/29, sponsored by Pascal and Evelyne Clairet of Domaine de la Tournelle with the participation of Restaurant Quedubon, Paris and New York's Rouge Tomate and Racines NY.

Sunday 2/28, 11:00am to 7:30pm: TASTING at Racines NY, 94 Chamber Street tickets at the door $15.

Sunday 2/28 10:00pm: PARTY! with the vignerons at June, 231 Court Street, Bklyn.

Monday 2/29: GRAND DINNER, Racines NY - meet and share with the vignerons! $125 includes dinner, wine, tax and tip. For tickets, see below or call Racines NY 212-227-3400 or Chambers Street Wines 212-227-1434. Email or

Estates present include: Dominique Derain, Bourgogne; Emmanuel Giboulot, Bourgogne; Calvez & Bobinet, Saumur; Danjou Banessy, Roussillon; Laurent Cazottes, Sud-Ouest; Frison-Demarne, Champagne; La Grange aux Belles, Anjou; Clos des Grillons, Rhône; Nicolas Grosbois, Chinon; Haut Campagnau, Gers; Lise & Bertrand Jousset, Montlouis; Matthieu & Xavier Ledogar, Languedoc; Jean-Baptiste & Charlotte Senat, Minervois; Domaine de la Tournelle, Jura/Arbois; Florent & Romain Plageoles, Gaillac; La Vignereuse, Gaillac/Côtes de Tarn; La Petite Baigneuse, Roussillon; La Clarine Farm, Sierra Foothills; Bloomer Creek, Finger Lakes; Dirty and Rowdy, California; La Garagista, Vermont; Uncouth Vermouth, Brooklyn. Connect on Facebook or at

The Big Glou presents 100 vignerons from around the world at Brooklyn's Wythe Hotel on Saturday 2/27 and Sunday 2/28. For a list of the winemakers present, the daily schedule, wines presented and special seminars please go to This exciting event will sell out - for tickets please click, and be sure to download the Delectable app before tasting day.

Chambers Street Wines is proud to be part of these two important events, bringing some of the world's most innovative and exciting winemakers to New York!


Feb 6 2016
Markus Spindler
“So it is not surprising that some would have us stay where we are a little longer to rest, to wait. But this country was not built by those waited and rested and wished to look behind them.” Ted Sorensen In so far as history sets expectations, most growers are more than happy to be work within tho
Feb 4 2016
Gattinara and more
We’ve now tasted quite a few of these wines at dinners; I apologize that those tastings haven’t produced proper tasting notes – just happy memories. I need to learn to write while trying to play host. But, some standouts: pretty much all things Antoniolo (1964s!), and the Nervi and Travaglini wines
Feb 3 2016
Rieslingfeier and a substantial cellar of well-curated Rieslings
Though February is a cold and cruel month in many ways, let us not forget that love is in the air! And while, yes, Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, our hearts are warmed by our love for the noblest of the white wine grapes, Riesling (apologies to our dear Chenin Blanc). In honor of Riesling, our g
Feb 3 2016
A Tuscan Interlude
Every now and then we have to give old Sangiovese its due! These come from the same private collections as the Piedmont wines we offer. We hear that it's healthy to have a little variety in life... And old Sangiovese can be amazing. We're optimistic about these - while the 1988 vintage in Montalcino
Feb 2 2016
Gambellara - Soave's Lesser-Known Neighbor
East of Verona and just over the hill from Soave, Gambellara is a picturesque area covered by vines and lush valleys. Davide Vignato is now in charge of this family-run winery and was the first in the DOC to be certified organic and the first in the area to implement biodynamic farming methods. &nbs
Feb 1 2016
Piedmont N - V
N - V, but starting with some stragglers from earlier in the alphabet. And more to come, soon! Jamie Wolff
Jan 29 2016
Intermission: Produttori del Barbaresco
Another fine selection of the Produttori, from one of our favorite Italian collections. I'm not sure that I know of any other wine(s) that show such consistent quality, no matter the vintage. The 1960's and 1970's Riservas are magnificent wines. Jamie Wolff
Jan 28 2016
Priorat at the Limit: A Dinner with Dominik Huber of Terroir al Limit -- Betony (Friday 2/12 at 7pm).
We are pleased to announce a very special dinner with Dominik Huber, winemaker and founder of ground-breaking Priorat winery, Terroir al Limit. Torroja del Priorat is a postcard-perfect, rustic Catalan town of around 160 people, nestled in the side of a mountain and surrounded by gnarled old vineyar
Jan 27 2016
Piedmont A - M
A new purchase from a favorite Italian collector has arrived! To be offered in 2 parts, with an Intermission featuring the Produttori...
Jan 26 2016
French Wine for Dinner?
Between the darkness, the blizzards, the blustery winds, and slush, winter is making us hunker down. And while many dream of sunnier climes and the beach, some of us think of preparing wonderful, hearty, soul-satisfying meals. We envision the intoxicating aromas of that long-cooked braise, the burni