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Thorle 2020 Rheinhessen Saulheimer Trocken Spatburgunder Kalkstein
Thorle is a 16th century estate in the center of the Rheinehessen, under new ownership of the Thorle brothers since 2006 who have converted the estate to being Certified Organic as of 2022. The estate is comprised of  three vineyards...
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Battenfeld-Spanier 2021 Rheinhessen Gruner Sylvaner Trocken
Hohen-Sülzen is a wine producing village west of Worms, in Rheinhessen, Germany. It is located on the flat land just north of the Pfalz, with soils of deep limestone and a crumbly chalk toplayer, perfect for mineral laden whites and...
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Gunderloch 2022 Rheinhessen Nackenheim Rothenberg Riesling GG
"The Rothenberg is almost a monopole for Gunderloch, and they are unquestionably the most important vintner working in the site. They pick between twenty and thirty parcels here from vines up to forty years old, vinifying them separately. The GG...
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Gunderloch 2022 Rheinhessen Nierstein Hipping Riesling GG
Niersteiner Hipping is Gunderloch’s smallest grand cru, sourced from an extremely steep portion of the vineyard. Spontaneously fermented, barrel-aged, and picked at punishingly low yields. The nose is typical Roter Hang: herbal, stony, savory, sunny, but ups the ante in...
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Gunderloch 2022 Rheinhessen Niersteiner Riesling Trocken
Sourced entirely from the younger vines in the Pettenthal GG, the steepest vineyard sites in the entire Roter Hand region on sandy red slate soils. Extremely mineral and elegant with racy acidity, delightful notes of green apple and peach and...
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Soma Vines 2021 Crossing Borders
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