The Great Vouvrays of Domaine Huet - 2007

3/20/2009 -

Noel Pinguet of Domaine Huet (Photo J. Dougherty)

We've just received the lovely 2007 Sec and Demi-Sec Vouvrays from Domaine Huet. In respect of economic realities we are selling these great wines at low, net prices. We believe they represent excellent value for dollar, particularly since they will drink well for the next 50 years or so... The vintage began with a warm spring, but the cool and rainy summer brought mildew and seemed to promise a difficult harvest. Happily, in late August, cool sunny weather arrived and allowed the picking of healthy and beautiful grapes into mid-October. We are offering the three Sec cuvées and one Demi-Sec, which are characterized by minerality, good acidity and elegant aromatics. While lacking the weight of the greatest vintages, our two tastings with winemaker Noel Pinguet revealed taut, structured, complex wines that belong on your table and in your cellar. (And please note the limited re-release of the superb 1995 Clos du Bourg Demi-Sec!)

Farmed Biodynamically since 1990, Domaine Huet produces some of the world's most fascinating and age-worthy wines. "This method of cultivation respects the soil, plant life and the environment and hence enhances the character of our wines and preserves intact all the natural characteristics of our soil."

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