Gemischter Satz!

3/27/13 -



Chambers Street Wines is proud to partner with Carlo Huber in making the terrific wines of Vienna available to readers of Saveur magazine.

Here's a bit about the wines:

Up until the late Middle Ages, vines were grown inside the ramparts of Vienna, lacing right to the centre. Todays vineyards are situated mainly on the outskirts of Vienna on the Bisamberg, north of the Danube, vines cultivated by wine-growers from Strebersdorf, Stammersdorf and Jedlersdorf belong to the Pinot family.
In Heiligenstadt, Nussdorf, Grinzing, Sievering and Neustift am Walde - all parts of northwestern Vienna, the varieties Riesling, Chardonnay and Weißburgunder (Pinot Blanc) are dominant because of soils rich in limestone. In the southern parts of Vienna, namely Mauer, Rodaun and Oberlaa, are black earth soils that favor strong white wines as well as opulent red wine cuvées.


However, no Viennese wine-grower would do without the traditional “Gemischter Satz”. Classical field blending where traditional farming techniques were in place before the trend of single varietals plantings took over wine making in the 1960's. In contrast to a cuvèe, a "Gemischter Satz" could have over 20 different varieties planted in the same vineyard , and harvested and pressed together. Originally, growers used the varying degrees of ripeness and acidity as a way to ensure consistent quality and guard against the risk of poor harvests. A feature of Viennese vineyards for centuries, the "Gemischter Satz" is now experiencing a genuine renaissance. Without a doubt, Vienna’s Heurigen are legendary, no matter if they are the permanently-open ones with generous warm and cold buffets, or are the small, discreet ones hidden in the vineyards. The growers – who mostly run their own Heurigen - offer top class wines that can be purchased by the glass as well as by the bottle; wines that should satisfy even the most demanding connoisseur. Modern cellars and technological equipment harmonize well with the traditions of old, established family wine estates and have brought the Viennese wines to the international stage. The Slow Food Foundation recognized the "Gemischter Satz" with the Ark of Taste and Presidia. It is intended to  protect high-quality and traditionally produced foods for future generations  in the face of industrialized agriculture and big businesses.

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