Frappato, Si!

Article from 2008 -

La Signora and I have spent a couple of weeks on the wagon; that really nasty cold/cough we both had took all the pleasure out of wine. When we fell off the wagon the other night we had THE BEST BOTTLE OF WINE EVER MADE! How’s that for good luck?!  Since you’ll never guess the wine, here’s the secret: Occhipinti 2006 Frappato.

I admit that there might be some competition for the title of THE BEST BOTTLE OF WINE EVER MADE, but this wine competes, and we fell on it like a couple of shipwrecked sailors because it was just so damn delicious. When it’s done right, Frappato makes a light-bodied but intensely flavored wine of real depth and delicacy. Occhipinti’s is 12.5° - maybe even a bit less; incredible nose of red berry fruits and truffley earth and baking spices; on the palate there’s great freshness and lovely cranberry fruit and acidity, soft tannins and great concentration and elegance. It was fantastic with grilled mackerel – the first of the season – Spring is here!

PS On April 26th Ariana Occhipinti will be here pouring her wine, along with a number of other winemakers - don't miss it!

PPS It's Biodynamic. It was great on the first night, and softer and earthier when we finished it up last night (4 days open).

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