Exciting New Wine from Alto Piemonte: Villa Guelpa

6/1/23 -

Daniele Dinoia, proprietor of Villa Guelpa, in Sizzano. Daniele says "My kids are working in the vines - we never considered not farming organically."

It’s a real thrill to taste excellent new wine from Alto Piemonte – a region that’s been thoroughly scoured by importers and writers for years. But except for the great Kerin O’Keefe (at the time writing for the Wine Enthusiast) and Karen Ruocco, owner of the small but excellent importer called Five Flights, no one – inc yours truly – was paying any attention to Villa Guelpa. I’ve tasted a boatload of Alto Piemonte wines, but have been content to stick with the superb wines made by Colombera & Garella, so this is an exciting find. I am already looking forward to visiting…

Sizzano, Colline Novaresi, Dorzano (source of Villa Guelpa's Erbaluce - currently out of stock), Lessona                 


One of the really interesting things about Villa Guelpa is that they make wine from 3 of the 5 most important zones of Alto Piemonte; since the wines are produced in the same manner, each becomes a transparent lesson in terroir and the underlying geology. Add organic farming, and a generally elegant hand for unmanipulated wine making, and you have something that’s really special.

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