Domaine Gonon Saint Joseph Arrives at Chambers Street!

8/4/2006 -

Pierre and Jean Gonon work the family's 9 hectares of vineyards located in Mauves, Tournon and Saint-Jean-de-Muzols.  (7 hectares of Syrah, and 2 hectares of Marsanne and Roussanne in the "les Oliviers" parcel) The massale selection vines average 30 years of age and are densely planted.  The soil is fertilized only with their own composts and is plowed and aerated.  Only natural treatments are used in the vineyard, including copper, sulfur, and plant extracts.  Yields are kept very low by short pruning - 30 hl/ha for the reds and 38 hl/ha for the whites in 2004 and 2005.  The grapes are harvested by hand and fermentation is with only the indigenous yeasts.  The wines age in large barrels ("foudres et demi-muids") and are bottled without filtration.

Pierre Gonon writes "Spring and summer of 2004 were quite dry but without the great heat of 2003.  Rain and humidity arrived in August, but luckily, as is often the case in our region, good weather returned in the beginning of September and we started the harvest on the 20th.  For the whites it was a very good vintage, quite full and rich with low acidity.  The reds are somewhat Burgundian in style, classic Saint-Joseph with silky tannins, fairly soft and open with aromas of prune and myrtle.  They're tasting very well now in the cellar, as I hope they will in New York, and should develop nicely for 5 or 6 years.   2005 was quite different with a scare in April as heavy snow fell when the vines were pushing buds.  The snow turned out to be a blessing after 3 years of dryness, but there was another scare, as rain arrived in early September.  Happily the north wind and cooler temperatures came quickly which allowed us to harvest at the end of September in ample sunshine.  The white wines are more rich and powerful than the 2004's and need some time to open - they are really wines of gastonomie which will accompany rich, full-flavored dishes. (Ris de veau, champignons, curry...)

We thank Pierre for his notes and we look forward with great pleasure to the arrival of these natural, artisanal wines.  ("These wines reflect the best virtues of careful and natural family winemaking" - Livingston-Learmouth "The Wines of the Northern Rhône")

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