We Won!

9/19/14 -

If it's on the Inter-Web, it must be true, right? So we are very happy to have won Jancis Robinson's contest: The Best Independent Wine Retailer! We are really grateful to all who wrote-in on our behalf. And we are equally grateful to all of our friends, customers, and co-workers who have sustained and supported us for many years. Not counting myself and David Lillie we couldn't do it without the amazing people in the photo above:

Taylor James, Stock

Christine Manula, Sales

Jamie Wolff, Owner

David Lillie, Owner

Tim Gagnon, Sales

Conler Mandt, Stock

Stephanie Wallace, Tech

Lily Sears, Office

Eben Lillie, Sales

Jesse Roach, Office Manager

John McIlwain, Sales

Sophie Barrett, Sales

Ariana Rolich, Sales

Jonathan Kemp, Sales

John Rankin, Sales


Dave Schwartzberg, Stock/Shipping Manager

Bryan Hogan, Stock

Brian Garbedian, Stock

Candela Prol, Sales

David Salinas, Sales

Rolando Roblero, Stock

John Ritchie, Sales

Justin Nevius, Stock

Matt Leers, Stock

And some of the very special people who we've had the pleasure of working with over the years: Noel Sherr, Nick Bumstead, Tim Bowen, Lee Campbell, Andy Kane, Kate Devin, Pamela Govinda, John Beaver Truax, Chris Barnes, Seth Hill, Phil Cooper, Ann Saxelby, Lyle Fass, Rachel Bryan, Kristin Donnelly, Gab Bowler...

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