Voila Voillot!

5/22/2007 -

Joseph Voillot has always been a very good producer but in the last few vintages his star is rising and he is becoming one of the top addresses in the Volnay/Pommard area. 2005 is by far the best vintage at this estate. The Voillot house style is sappy deep fruit mixed with great acidity, serious structure and wonderful purity. The purity of these wines is truly astounding and has only gotten better with each vintage. They are wines that express vivid terroir. There is only 30% new oak so there is not too much oak to mess up the terroir expression. The other thing that people always say about Voillot is that he never overextracts his wines which is a huge compliment especially in todays bigger is better wine world. Voillot has great holdings in some of the best vineyards in Volnay and Pommard including Champans, Caillerets and Rugiens. Many of the plots that he has are also from extremely old vines. These wines are classic, textbook examples of Volnay and Pommard and really should be in every Burg aficionado's cellar. Qualitaitively speaking they are literally a hair behind Lafarge and d'Angerville and may even be THERE in 2005. But one thing is for sure they are not priced like Lafarge and d'Angerville in 2005. And anybody who has seen those '05 Lafarge and d'Angerville prices can attest that these wines are screaming values in the context of '05 Burgundy

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