Brilliant wine from a brilliant vintage: 2004 La Torre Rosso di Toscana

7/14/2007 -

With all of the hoopla over 2005 Germany, 2005 Burgundy, 2005 Bordeaux, 2006 Austria, and 2001 Piedmont, no one is talking about the brilliance of the 2004 vintage in Tuscany, particularly for Sangiovese. 1997 is a good vintage - but too ripe for me and others. 1999 is very good -  almost like a less good version of 2004. 2001 is very good too, but still not up to the quality of 2004. 2004 has the greatest freshness of any Tuscan vintage I have ever tasted. Freshness is very important in Sangiovese because otherwise Sangiovese has a tendency to get muddy and loses focus. In 2004 fruit is dazzlingly pure and there is fantastic reflection of that unique Tuscan terroir.

La Torre is one of the most overlooked estates in Montalcino. The Anania family owns the estate and are originally from Calabria where they own a farm that specializes in "bufala mozzarella." They purchased the La Torre property in 1977 and make small amounts of very traditional Brunello and Rosso and the very rare "Rosso di Toscano." Their first commercial release of wine was the fabled 1982 Brunello.

The Rosso di Toscana is fermented in stainless steel and then transferred to older barrels where it rests for three months. Their Rosso Toscano always presents a spectacular value; made from the youngest vines on their property, which makes the wine a bit more on the early drinking side. The vibrant nose jumps out of the glass at you with dark cherrt, bing cherry, well water and lots of damp earth. The palate has that wonderful aforementioned freshness, perfect ripeness and excellent concentration. Sangiovese sometimes suffers from overipeness, as in 1997 or 1990, but in clean vintages like 2004 there is nary a trace of that. The acidity is lively and dances on your palate and the finish is long and crunchy with ripe and sweet tannins.

Now here is the kicker. This wine is a screaming value in 2004. Usually this wine sells for $21.99 but today we can offer it for $16.99 plus a case discount if you decide on that. Value does not get any better. Trust us.

2004 La Torre Rosso di Toscana - $16.99

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