6th Annual CSW - LOUIS/DRESSNER SELECTIONS Tasting Featuring 19 Great Winemakers!

3/5/2007 -

Marc Ollivier and Geneviève Cormerais from the Domaine de la Pépière
Marc's Muscadet Sevre et Maine is our biggest selling wine almost every year, and is one of the world's greatest values. His Clos des Briords 2005 is an awesome Muscadet that will age beautifully for 10 to 20 years.

Evelyn de Jessy and Isaure de Pontbriand from Domaine du Closel
The Savennières from Closel are among the very finest Chenin Blancs in the world with subtle, complex fruit and beautiful minerality. Their Clos du Papillon wins awards and praise from critics around the globe.

François Pinon, Vouvray
We first visited the Pinon estate back in 1980. François took over in 1988 and has become one of the finest growers in Vouvray. Only 15 cases remain of his gorgeous 2005 Vouvray Tradition. His Vouvray Petillant Brut is a dry and complex sparkling wine and his late-harvest Vouvrays are always balanced and lovely.

François and Manuéla Chidaine, Montlouis
The Chidaines produce outstanding dry, demi-sec and sweet Chenin Blanc from parcels in Montlouis - their newest site, Les Bournais, makes a unique wine with aromas of red fruits and citrus. They are now the proud owners of the Clos Baudoin, one of the greatest sites in Vouvray.

Eric and Christine Nicolas, Domaine Bellivière
Completing this fabulous tasting of Chenin Blanc are the great Jasnières and Coteaux du Loir of Domaine Bellivière. Their 2005 Jasnières Les Rosiers and Coteaux du Loir L'Effraie have just arrived - they are remarkably complex, with lovely floral, honey and stony flavors that go on and on...

Catherine Roussel and Didier Barrouillet, Clos Roche Blanche
Catherine and Didier are in the forefront of natural vineyard work in France. Their vines are surrounded by plants that promote healthy soils and attract beneficial insects to achieve an ecosystem in balance. And the wines are soulful and delicious! Hopefully they'll have samples of the wonderful 2006 Pineau D'Aunis Rosé....

François Cazin, Cheverny and Cour-Cheverny
Cazin's Cheverny blanc, made with Sauvignon Blanc and a little Chardonnay, is always a great value and sells out in the spring - don't miss the excellent 2006. His Cour-Cheverny and Cour-Cheverny Cuvée Renaissance are made with Romorantin, giving high-acid wines offset by a little sugar, with melon and floral aromas. They're unusual and delicious and age beautifully.

Pierre (and Catherine) Breton, Bourgueil
Pierre Breton will be with us to pour his magnificent Cabernet Francs, from the celebratory Trinch! to the profound and long-aging Les Perrières. In a world full of "international style" wines, the Bourgueils of Pierre and Catherine are unique expressions of their terroir and their joie-de-vivre.....

Henriette and Bernard Baudry, Chinon
As Pierre and Catherine are the finest producers in Bourgueil, the Baudry's, along with their son Matthieu, have the finest estate in Chinon. From the delicious Chinon Les Granges to the magnificent Croix Boisées there is an extraordinary ripeness and fruit throughout the range which shows the low yields and natural work in the vines.

Jean-Paul Brun, Domaine des Terres Dorées
Jean-Paul makes all-natural, vibrant, wildly delicious Beaujolais! His 2005 Beaujolais a l'Ancienne Vieilles Vignes is a sensational value as is the Beaujolais Blanc (Chardonnay). And this year we have the full complement of his Cru Beaujolais -
Fleurie, Morgon and Moulin-a-Vent!

Françoise and Michel Tête, Juliénas
Michel is another giant of the Beaujolais. His Juliénas and Juliénas Cuvée Prestige are always among our favorite Beaujolais and both age beautifully. Mature Cru Beaujolais are some of the world's greatest "food wines", as anyone who has cellared these wines can tell you....

Claude-Emmanuelle and Louis-Benoit Desvignes, Morgon
The Desvignes Morgons, Côte de Py and Javernières, are elegant and subtle when young, but with age they become more and more like great Burgundy. Their 2005s are remarkably good and we urge you to try them, and cellar some too!

Jean Manciat, Macon
The talkative Jean Manciat makes artisanal Chardonnay on his small estate near Charnay. The "regular" cuvée, Mâcon-Charnay Franclieu, has fruity, floral aromas and the flinty minerality that characterize the best Chardonnay in the region. He also makes small quantities of a superb Macon Vieilles Vignes and a remarkable St. Veran.

Catherine and Claude Marechal, Burgundy
Claude does great work in the vineyards and keeps his yields low (not always the case in Burgundy). His wines are supple and elegant, with complex full-bodied fruit. We especially like his 2004 Savigny-les-Beaune Vieilles Vignes, and his 2005s should turn our beautifully. Never over-oaked, the wines express the unique fruit of each vineyard site.

Eric Texier, Rhône
From a brilliant Côtes-du-Rhône made with 20% white grapes to stunning Syrah's from Brézème and Côte-Rôtie, Eric Texier produces a range of distinct Rhône wines which avoid the overextraction and high alcohol so prevalent in the region today. Vinifications without sulphur, elevage in barrel, intelligent vineyard site selections and a great deal of talent have made these wines justifiably popular

Palma Lohr Geiger and Guilhem Dardé, Mas Des Chimères, Coteaux-du-Languedoc
One of the best and most authentic winemakers in the Languedoc, Dardé's main cuvèe is a blend of 70% Syrah, 20% Grenache with Cinsault and Mourvedre. It has complex aromas of cloves, cinnamon and coffee and is spicy and concentrated on the palate. Be sure to taste his unique wines! We welcome M. Dardé on his first visit to Chambers Street.

Grégoire Hubau, Chateau Moulin-Pey-Labrie, Canon-Fronsac
This is the antidote to overspoofed, overextracted, garaged Bordeaux! Monsieur Hubau has old vines on a steep chalk hillside, selected from the original vine stock over many generations, giving an originality and complexity to his wines that is uncommon in Bordeaux.

Franc Peillot, Bugey (Jura)
On slopes overlooking the Rhône valley, Franc Peillot grows Roussanne, called Altesse locally, and Mondeuse, a light colored red grape that gives a subtle, spice and floral scented wine. These are completely unique and delicious wines that are naturally produced and which carry on the finest of local traditions - we urge you to try them!

Alain Renardat, Domaine Renardat-Fâche, Cerdon du Bugey
Alain and his son, Elie, make a wonderful sparkling Cerdon from Poulsard and Gamay, using the "Ancestral method." The wine is slightly sweet, only reaching about 8 degrees of alcohol, and is delicate, berry-scented and refreshing, making it a delicious aperitif or dessert wine. It's on top wine lists throughout France and sells out quickly each Spring - be sure to try it and order your supply for the summer!

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