The Return of Blue Moon Fish!

3/28/15 -

(Marc Ollivier of Domaine de la Pépière with Alex Villani of Blue Moon Fish)

We're very happy that our friend Alex Villani of Blue Moon fish has recovered from some health issues last fall and is back on the water! His boat, the Blue Moon, operates out of the Mattituck Inlet in Eastern Long Island and since 1988 he has been trucking his fish into the city, first to the Tribeca Greenmarket and then to Grand Army Plaza and Union Square. Not only does he sell the freshest fish in New York, but his prices are reasonable and his gruff good humor is an attribute as well. (Favorite story: A suspicious first-time customer asked Alex "How do I know this fish is fresh?" Alex answered, deadpan, "Fresh? Hell these are last weeks fish, we just truck 'em back in" The assembled customers, knowing his fish to be impeccable, had a good laugh.) After a winter like this one, the return of Captain Alex is a true sign of Spring and a cause for joyous celebration - or at least a special bottle of fish-friendly wine. Our staff, all Blue Moon customers, have offered some of their favorite wine pairings for Alex's fish and a few recipes as well. We hope you will try a few, and here's the Blue Moon schedule (hopefully Mattituck Inlet has thawed out!): Saturday: Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn & Tribeca Greenmarket: Wednesday; Union Square. Hours approximately 8am till 2pm. 

Fillets: Bluefish (April - Nov.) Blackfish (March - Dec.) Codfish (Nov. - April) Flounder (all year) Fluke (all year) Herring (Nov. - April) Mackerel (Boston: Nov - May, Spanish: July - Sept.) Mahi Mahi (June - Sept.) Mako shark (June - Nov.) Monkfish (Sept. - May) Scallops (all year) Scrod (all year) Shad (March - April) Shark (dogfish) (June - Oct.) Skate (all year) Squid (all year) Striped Bass (July 1 - Dec. 15) Swordfish (June - Nov.) Tilefish (July - Sept.) Triggerfish (July - Sept.) Tuna (June - Nov.) Weakfish (sea trout) (April - Nov.).  Also: Clams, Conch, Lobster, Mussels, Oysters, Whole fish (wide selection) smoked and pickled fish, flounder roe.


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