The DeMoor 2005’s: The best ever from this Estate?

4/30/2007 -

(Alice and Olivier de Moor in the cellar)

The estate of Olivier and Alice de Moor is unique in Chablis as they are deeply involved in the "natural" wine movement in an area that is highly mechanized. It is very unusual to work with organic methods in Chablis due to the high rainfall, larger size of the estates and the general reluctance of Burgundy producers to take risks in viticulture. With all that said it is very admirable what the de Moors are doing up there in Chablis. Hand harvesting, natural yeast, low yields, no fining and filtering and minimal use if sulfur dioxide are some of the "alternative" viticultural practices that the De Moor's use. Alternative is a kind word as this is the way that wines should be made in the first place.

Across a range of appellations, the de Moors are making compelling wines. They only started making wine in 1994, with 1995 being their first real commercial vintage so they are very very young in terms of estates in Chablis. We tasted the full range of de Moor wines in February at a natural wine event in Le Havre and we were astounded by the incredible purity and focus of the wines. Growers like the de Moors work outside of the 100 point scale wine market creating unique terroir-driven wines that defy categorization. We urge you to try them. From the absolutely unique Sauvignon St. Bris to the classic and incredibly age worthy Chablis "Rosette" these wines are truly compelling and are a must for any lover of wine.


2005 Aligote VV -We believe this is the best Aligote made in the region today. Nose of wet stone, melon and huge minerality. Very long, subtle and delicious. 


2005 Alice and Olivier de Moor Bourgogne Chitry - Stony floral nose with an extremely huge palate that is dry and has intense and concentrated minerality. It is a very big wine for a Chitry. David says it is the best Chitry he has tasted from the de Moors. 


2005 Alice and Olivier de Moor Sauvignon St. Bris - Somewhat closed aromatically at this stage but a full, ripe (not sweet) palate that is very very intense with loads of grassy earthy flavors. 


2005 Alice and Olivier de Moor Chablis Bel Air - Another closed nose of lemon and flowers but a huge penetrating palate with loads of material. Profound.


2005 Alice and Olivier de Moor Chablis Rosette - Their "Grand Cru." A rounder, creamier, denser palate than the Bel Air. Huge material but not that expressive in its youthful state. Will be sensational with time. 

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