Pierre and Chantal Frick - Delicious Biodynamic Wines from Alsace!

7/27/10 -

(Pierre Frick, photo: David Lillie)

One of the most enjoyable tastings I've had recently was with Pierre and Chantal Frick - 24 unique and delicious natural wines, nine of which have just arrived at Chambers Street. The Fricks work with each vintage according to what nature brings them, so there is a great variety from year to year - a fascinating diversity of cuvèes, many of which are bottled without sulfites if conditions permit. Working organically since 1970, and certified Biodynamic since 1981, they have living soils that contribute to the health of the vines and the complexity of the wines. "The application of this more comprehensive approach to the life of the soil and vine advocated by bio-dynamie has changed our vineyard. The growing cycle of the vine is in better harmony. It is less sensitive to grey rot and insect pests. The better balance of the plant is conducive to good grape ripening and obtaining a better quality of juice (density, balance, minerality, vitality). From this the wines have revealed more depth and greater expression of terroir." The wines are hand harvested - "The social aspect of the harvest and the search for quality through successive pickings excludes the use of machine harvesters." Fermentations are with wild yeasts - "The soil and sub-soil and additionally the bloom and yeasts on the grapes constitute the terroir. For us, biodynamic viticulture and the expression of terroir require wild yeast fermentations." Aging is in old 3,000 liter casks which the Fricks prefer to stainless steel or barrique. "These casks allow breathing (airflow) and transpiration (evacuation of higher alcohols and esters) of wines, without changing their taste by the contributions of new oak." These are beautiful expressions of the terroirs of Pfaffenheim through a creative and responsible viticulture - we urge you to try a mixed case of these unique and delicious wines!

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