Our first 2005 Burgundy Purchase...

12/4/2006 -

There’s a lot of buzz around 2005 Burgundy, with news filtering back that it really is a very fine vintage coming from both pro and amateur aficionados – maybe even “very fine indeed”. Certainly the 2005s that I tasted in June (Mugnier, Fourrier, Bachelet, Mugneret-Gibourg, Lafarge, etc) seemed very promising, even though many were still finishing malolactic or were otherwise in an awkward state; if nothing else it was clear that the wines had lots of material and were clean. I didn’t get to taste at Chevillon, but I have total faith – I’ve been drinking Chevillon since the 1985 vintage and I’ve never been let down. So we’re offering the wines on a pre-arrival basis, with an eta of fall 2007.

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