Chinon "Les Picasses" from Domaine Olga Raffault

5/4/22 -

Our relationship with the Raffault family goes back to 1990, when Olga put a push-pin into New York on her map of the world, on the occasion ot the estate's first shipment to the US. They were apprehensive, but sensing that we were serious, winemaker Ernest Zeinninger kept bringing older and older wines from the cellar, all of which were fascinating and delicious, even from the worst vintages. The domaine is committed to holding back wines for later release, but these blessed events have become few and far between - so we are extremely happy to offer three excellent vintages of "Les Picasses" for current enjoyment or for an additional 10 to 20 years of cellaring.

Some history from the Raffault website:

In the beautiful country of Véron, cradled between the Loire and the Vienne, the Olga Raffault estate has been transmitting its know-how in the production of  Chinon wines for five generations! Olga Raffault had devoted her whole life to these landscapes that she loved so much and was always able to share her love of wine!  Her husband, Pierre Raffault, died tragically in 1947,  when the vines for which he had taken so much care had given him hope for the finest vintage of the century! Olga, then a mother of two young children, conscious of her duty, managed to complete this exceptional vintage with the help of Ernest ZEINNINGER, a German prisoner in the service of the estate at the end of the war.

Sylvie, Raffault, Eric and Arnaud

This courageous and generous German had not understood the war and very early on found meaning in it through the deep friendship he forged with his "protectors", the RAFFAULT family, with whom he discovered a new vocation: To devote his life to the vine, and to support Olga and her two children, a promise he had made at the last moments of Pierre Raffault...

Today, Olga's granddaughter, Sylvie Raffault, with her husband Eric de la Vigerie and their son Arnaud de la Vigerie are maintaining the great traditions of the past, a true family heritage. The wine of Chinon "Olga Raffault" is signed by all these exchanges between generations, giving it such a special soul, the fruit of wisdom and passion.

Sylvie, Eric and Arnaud converted the estate to organic farming a few years ago and are making beautiful wines that capture the spirit of the generations before....

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