2005 Auxey-Duresses 1er Cru Reds from Gilles Lafouge - One of our favorites

4/14/2007 -

With the resounding success of our Paul Pernot offer (people are still calling and most of the wines have been sold out for weeks!) here comes another great offer from one of our favorite and most reliable estates in the Cote de Beaune. 

Burgundy '05's in general have been very expensive so when there is an offer like the '05 Lafouge wines, which are still relatively unknown in the States, it is something to jump on. In Burgundy, like every other region, there is a definite hierarchy and below the consensus top producers everybody has their favorites. Out of 4,300 Domaines everybody cannot agree on everything so it is nice to have some personal favorites. Lafouge we like to believe is our secret. Well the secret is out.  

We have long been partial to the Meursault, Auxey-Duresses and Pommard wines of Jean and Gilles Lafouge. It's a small domaine, roughly 7 hectares, the top vineyard being a small parcel of Pommard, les Chanlins. The quality here is very consistent, as we saw with the excellent wines produced in 2003 (despite the heat) and 2004. The premier cru Auxey-Duresses reds are always a great value with pretty fruit and lovely expressions of terroir. The quiet and modest Gilles Lafouge thinks that the La Chapelle has the best exposure, although the Climat du Val is considered to be the best site in Auxey-Duresses, with the Les Duresses wines being slightly lighter and ready to drink sooner. The 2005's here are lovely, very round and ripe with beautiful balance and good acidity. The Les Duresses is the most open with slightly spiced (mint) strawberry fruit. The La Chapelle is a bit heavier, but will need some time to open up. The Climat du Val has darker fruit, with more prune and plum and hints of violet. All three are worthy of your attention, given the outstanding value these wines represent from this great vintage. These wines are imported directly for Chambers Street Wines.

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