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Brand, Charles & Philippe 2022 Vin d'Alsace Fleurs Maceration
Is it a light red, or a dark rosé? Neither! It's an "orange wine" made from a maceration of Pinot Gris; A skin contact wine of a gray (actually pink) grape that yields a raspberry-hued wine that we wish we...
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Dostert, Jonas 2021 Mosel Weiss Pinot Gris
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Dostert, Jonas 2021 Mosel Weiss Pinot Gris
The 2021er Pinot Gris was made from young vines  and was fermented and aged along natural lines, and bottled after a rough filtering and with little SO2 added.
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Soma Vines 2021 Crossing Borders
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Antiquum Farm 2021 Willamette Valley "Alium" Pinot Gris
The Alium Pinot Gris may be one of the more exciting wines I've tried in some time. It sees full skin contact for forty days throughout a long, slow fermentation, spends five months on lees and is aged in neutral...
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Antiquum Farm 2022 Willamette Valley "Aurosa" Pinot Gris
Aurosa is a lighter, airier style of Pinot Gris with partial skin contact although it drinks more like a classic white. It's ethereal and contemplative, with some lavender and gentle citrus backed by a stony minerality that frames the whole...
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Frick, Pierre 2020 Alsace Vorbourg Pinot Gris Maceration
Though it seems like a relatively new category, it turns out winemakers in Alsace have been making skin contact wines for some time. The first may have been Bannwarth, who experimented with qvevri (georgian clay anforae). Then, along with the...
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Limited Addition 2022 Orange Crush
$28.99 22 in stock
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