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Ferme de L'Yonnière (Jerome Forget) 2021 Cidre Paysan
The 2021 Ferme de L'Yonnière "Cidre Paysan" is made from three heirloom apple varieties, Marie Ménard, Fréquin Rayé and Fréquin Rouge, grown in Jérome Forget's pasture/orchards near Domfront, Brittany. Deep gold color, complex aromas of ripe fruit, smoke, orange marmalade,...
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Ferme de L'Yonnière (Jerome Forget) 2022 Poire Vinot
The Ferme de L'Yonniere 2022 "Vinot" is a tiny production Poiré made primarily from this ancient variety of pear, along with "Plant de Blanc" and "Pomera." No added SO2, 6.5% alcohol. This elegant Poiré shows a very pale gold color...
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Piquenique (Tess Bryant & Niccolo Coturri) 2020 Cuvee Annie: Late Harvest
Piquenique is a project from Nic Coturri and Tess Bryant, based in the San Juan Islands, in the northernmost tip of Washington state. The area has a long history of fruit cultivation, from berries to orchard fruits, and the potential...
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Ferme de L'Yonnière (Jerome Forget) NV Poire Aperitif Pyrus
"Pyrus is a blend of freshly pressed pear juice with Domfrontais Calvados. Then it remains for a few months in stainless steel vats before going into barrels. 'Pyrus Cordata' is the name of the wild pear tree. This pretty name...
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