The Great Sancerres of Vincent Gaudry!

7/20/21 -

Relatively unknown in the US, recommended to us by our friend Pascaline Lepeltier, the Sancerres of Vincent Gaudry are certainly among the finest in the appellation and we are proud to offer superb new arrivals from the 2018 and 2019 vintages.

Based in the village of Grand Chambre near Sury-en-Vaux, the domain was established by Vincent's grandfather with only a few hectares of vines, then passed to Vincent's father Georges who gradually enlarged the estate to 9.5 hectares. Vincent joined his father in 1991—he was 16 years old—and took over completely in 1993. Very soon thereafter, in 1995, he began conversion to organic and then Biodynamic farming (the first in Sancerre). The estate has a high percentage of old vines, which are replaced by massale selection, on all of the three main terroirs of Sancerre - Caillottes, Silex and Terres Blanches.

Vincent in cave 2020 (Photo: P. Lepeltier)

Plowing is done in the spring, green cover is maintained the rest of the year and Biodynamic preparations and herbal tisanes are used for vineyard treatments. (Even his barrels are produced with the Biodynamic calendar!) Vincent's great farming is preserved through careful vinifications that reveal the complex fruit and beautiful minerality that the terroirs of Sancerre can offer. Most vinifications are done in temperature controlled stainless steel, a few in barrel, all with wild yeasts, of course, and minimal sulfur is used.

In this week's shipment, the whites: 2019 "Le Tournebride," a blend from all three Sancerre terroirs to drink over the next few years, a beautiful wine and great value; 2019 "Melodie de Vieilles Vignes" from 60+ year-old vines on kimmeridgian marl, this is just brilliant in 2019 and will sell out quickly; 2019 "Constellation de Scorpion" from silex soils with a vibrant minerality that begs for a long decant or time in the cellar.

Vincent also makes sensational reds from Pinot Noir and Pinot Fin with whole-cluster fermentations that bring structure and elegance to the gorgeous fruit: 2019 "Vincengétorix" from Pinot Noir and Pinot Fin, a superb blend of complex fruit and mineral flavors; 2018 "Les Garennes" from Pinot Fin on "caillottes" soils, an extraordinarily elegant and silky wine - astonishingly delicious!

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