Puffeney 2005 Reds Are Here

5/20/2008 -

Jacques Puffeney is one of the most revered winemakers in the Jura and for good reason. He makes many different wines are they are all of extremely high quality. From Pinot Noir to Trousseau to Poulsard and to blends of all three these are exciting, terroir-focused and ageable wines that have zero manipulation. Honest wines as we like to call them. The Jura may be an out of the way region but it really is not that strange when you consider its proximity to Burgundy. 2005 in Jura so is just as good as it is in Burgundy and if you went heavy on 2005 Burgundies you should consider buying some of these to try, drink, age and enjoy while your 2005 red burgs are in a deep slumber. The wines have a purity and restraint and terroir stamp that is not to be missed. In the world of ridiculously high-priced wines you are getting a lot for your money from Puffeney and the Jura. There is a reason he is called "The Pope of the Jura." I know I will be mixing a case for now and later. How about you? Not much of his 2005's either and I believe this is our only shot at them, which means this is your only shot. Not much more else to say as the wines really speak for themselves.

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