Gonon Les Iles Feray, Texier Cotes du Rhône, Montirius Serine, and More! Great Values From the Rhône Valley!

3/7/11 -

(Jean Gonon, Photo: D. Lillie)

One of the greatest values in the Rhône Valley, or any other valley for that matter, is the Pierre and Jean Gonon Les Iles Feray, a de-classified Saint-Joseph that's insanely delicious at $16.99. Our final shipment arrives this week and will disappear quickly, so don't delay! Also disappearing is the lovely 2007 Cotes du Rhône Vaison-la-Romaine from Eric Texier, a superb Grenache to compliment the Gonon's Syrah. Syrah lovers please note the last of Eric's beautiful 2007 Brezeme Pergault Vieilles Vignes and the arrival of his 2009 St. Julien en St Alban Vieille Serine, not to mention the 2007 Serine from Montirius and great new arrivals from Domaine Fauterie - a cornucopia of unique and delicious wines from the Rhône Valley!

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