Due Baroli for a Song!

5/16/2008 -

Finding traditional Barolo for under $60 is impossible. Under $50 you need to be dreaming. Under $40 you need to slap yourself silly to make sure you have not traveled back in time to 1985 when wine prices were sane. Due to an inventory glitch in our uptown warehouse, we have 19 cases of two great Baroli - - and we are slashing the prices to move them out before the summer. The Boasso Estate is six hectares and Boasso has cru's in the great Parafada and Gabuti vineyards. Gabutti gives wines of great power and longetivity and is considered one of the longest aging crus in all of Piedmont for Nebbiolo even sometimes surpassing Brunate and Cannubi. There are no barriques used on the wines so we are definitely talking about traditional wines here. The Gabutti is from 50 year old vines and the Serralunga is from a blend of diverse vineyards.

Here are some notes from some freshly opened bottles.

The 1999 Boasso Barolo "Serralunga" has a lovely nose of cherry liquor, smoke, leather, tar, mint and rotting leaves. There is a hint of burn character but more a flaming embers thing after a campfire has gone out than an oak thing. Lovely nose. Palate is silky and rich with nice spice and piquant acidity. The tannins are furry yet take a backseat initially to the lush fruit. There is a lingering spice that remains on the palate long after you have swallowed. This is very appealing in a lush, forward way. But don't let that decieve you as there are tannins under the wealth of fruit. This will easily last 15-20 more years and is a steal at this price.

The 1999 Boasso Barolo "Gabutti" comes from a section of the vineyard that has vines that are fifty years old. The nose here is a but spicier and sees more old foudre influence. Lots of cherry, tar and flowers too. Seems deeper and a little more unyielding than the Serralunga. The palate is lush but comes as more tannic, structured and serious. There is a longer finish and more hidden here. There is an explosion of spice and the balance of this is a touch more refined than the Serralunga but I would reccomend waiting on this as this will age for around 20-25 years versus the 15-20 for the Serralunga. All in all a steal too, at the price.

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