CSW Salutes the 30th Anniversary of Domaine Pierre and Catherine Breton!

2/23/16 -

Chambers Street congratulates Pierre and Catherine Breton on the 30th Anniversary of their estate - 30 years of producing some of the most elegant and delicious wines in the Loire Valley, with great farming, brilliant winemaking and a convivial attitude that has made them friends around the world. Their early conversion to organic farming and biodynamic methods helped inspire vignerons all over France and beyond to join the movement to a more sane agriculture and natural methods of winemaking. 1985 was their first vintage, with their organic and biodynamic certifications beginning in 1990. In 1992, they produced their first cuvée "sans-soufre," the vibrant Bourgueil "Nuits d"Ivresse."  In 1999 the Bretons organized one of the first group tastings to celebrate the natural wine movement, "La Dive Bouteille," held in a cellar in Bourgueil with 40 winemakers from around France, which has grown into an important international event. But of course it's the superb quality of their wines that has earned the respect of consumers and wine professionals around the world - both for their elegant and ageworthy cuvées such as the Bourgueil "les Perrières" and the Chinon "Saint-Louans" but also for the pure delight of their "vins de soif" which unpretentiously encourage the enjoyment of the social beverage that is wine.  We salute Pierre and Catherine on the Domaine's anniversary and offer a few of our favorite wines from the past few years... (Taste with Pierre and Paul Breton at The Big Glou this Saturday, February 27)

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