Bubbles for All Occasions

5/10/10 -

What makes the presence of a small amount CO2 dissolved in a wine and waiting to be released when the bottle is popped, such a treat? We love bubbly wines and we’re of the opinion that you don’t have to wait for a festive occasion to drink them. As much as we’d all like to swig Champagne on a regular basis, there are numerous other bubblies that deserve appreciation for being legitimately wonderful sparkling wines in their own right, not merely as value-driven Champagne alternatives. Francois Pinon’s Vouvray Brut (which if you’re a regular you’re familiar with) is a brilliant example of a sparkling wine that’s reminiscent of Champagne, with fine mousse and bracing acidity, while offering its own honeyed, Chenin Blanc character in droves. And these treasures aren’t distinct to France. We’re pleased to carry the very delicious Font I Jordana Cava, to name a Spanish example. Based on the highest quality Cava grape, Xarel-lo, this is a connoisseur’s Cava with a robust, slightly oxidative character. Truth be told, however, the inspiration for this email is the return of Domaine Montbourgeau’s fabulous Cremant du Jura, a wine that many of you have, no doubt, been hoping would reappear on our shelves. This Chardonnay based, eastern French bubbly, with its deep Jurassian tang and nose of golden apples and earth, is among the best non-Champagne sparklers your humble reviewer has tried. So, whether you’re toasting, dining, or merely enjoying the comfort of your couch while getting your weekly dose of Top Chef, dip into one of these terrific bubbly wines to accompany the occasion. -msb

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