Best Fish Meets Best Wine for Fish!

3/27/2007 -

(Marc Olivier and Captain Alex, photo David Lillie)

Bay Scallops with Endive, Leek, and Lemon

This recipe is stolen from Georges Blanc - ok, inspired by. I don't use butter or cream, but he sure does, so feel free if you like... The endive and lemon provide a perfect foil for the sweetness of the scallops. This dish is really easy but can give the impression of serious culinary accomplishment.

Otherwise, all you need is:


Endive - 1 1/2 to 2 pieces per person

Leek - about the same volume as endive

Lemon to taste

Oil - something neutral like grapeseed or canola (or butter); you only need enough to keep your ingredients from sticking - you don't want them to take a bath, so the amount depends on your judgment and the pan you are using.


  • 1) wash and trim the endives, and slice them length-wise into a fine julienne; ditto leek
  • 2) heat the oil (or butter) in a pan that you can cover; when it's hot add the endive and leek, sautee for a minute or two until they begin to wilt; add a little water to the hot pan to create some steam, and cover the pan tightly - make the heat as low as you can. Now the endive will cook, very slowly, for 30-45 minutes. Stir it occasionally and add water and/or lower the heat if it's in danger of burning. In the end the vegetables should be very tender - melted, is the idea, and what M. Blanc calls it. Add a good squeeze of lemon. Once they're cooked they can easily be reheated for serving. If you're Georges Blanc this is also when you add some heavy cream; not a lot, but enough to make it all blend together and taste something like savory endive-leek ice cream.
  • 3) The rest is really simple: you sautee the scallops in a good hot pan to get them browned; meanwhile you can mound some of the vegetables on the plate. When the scallops are done they go on top of the vegetables in a lovely pile, with a little more lemon. Chopped parsley might be a nice touch.
  • 4) The wine: Gruner Veltliner will really work well with the rich and citrusy flavors.

Broiled Scallops with Coriander (This one is simple)

Marinate scallops in lemon juice, olive oil, sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Arrange in one layer on greased broiler-friendly pan or dish. Grind whole coriander seeds onto scallops, but not too much...Broil at high heat just till coriander is a little crispy - they should be done! (And from Blue Moon, they're so fresh you don't really need to cook them at all...

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