Catskill Provisions Pollinator Vodka 750mL

It’s not often that I consider the “flavor” of vodka. Typically the best vodka is the most neutral, but occasionally a spirit like Pollinator Vodka comes along that is both clean and delicate, but also has an inkling of its origins. In this case the base is their own wildflower honey and non-GMO sustainably farmed corn, distilled and then proofed down with local Catskill Mountain spring water. On the nose is the faint aroma of beeswax and wildflowers, and the palate has a nice density and richness to it. This is a vodka I would gladly sip over ice or enhance with a bit of dry vermouth. Michelle DeWyngaert

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Helix Vodka 80 Proof 750ml

Distilled in France from winter wheat, then shipped to Iceland and proofed down with Icelandic water, Helix is a classic light-bodied and crisp vodka perfect for mixing in cocktails. With faint notes of citrus and a smooth finish.

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The Street Pumas Vodka 1 Liter

The Street Pumas vodka is potato-based and distilled in Poland with demineralized rainwater in a column still. It is then bottled in Jerez, Spain with no additives, no glycerol. Clean, perfect in a cocktail, and it has an awesome label depicting our friends at PM Spirits as comic book characters drawn by Steve Orlando!

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