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Gomez Nevado NV Abocado Roble Viejo

The ultimate Pumpkin Pie pairing! This is a delicious, unfortified, off-dry delicacy from the folks at Gomez Nevado, and we couldn't be more excited about the timing of its arrival. Harvest is in late October, from certified organic Aris grapes. Grapes are pressed into conrete and ferment with skins for 4-6 months, after which the wine is transferred to barrels with 25-30% Dorado, their Amontillado style wine (10-15 year old Dorado). Aging continues for 7 years, and the delicious liquid is bottled En Rama. Only 2000 bottles were made. Considered a wine, but much like an off-dry sherry, this is an auburn-hued delicacy, and a perfect way to finish the meal, especially for folks who shy away from fully sweet dessert wines.  -EL

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Valdespino NV Jerez Fino Inocente 375ml

Valdespino’s Incocente is perhaps the world’s greatest value in Fino. The grapes are sourced from a single vineyard consisting of Jerez’s classic chalky soils. Unlike most Fino Sherry, which is typically only about 4 yeas old, because of the number of Criaderas in the Inocente Solera, the wine in this bottle is roughly ten years old. This, and the fact that the wine is femented by the ambient yeasts in casks, adds to the signature weight and richness of Inocente. This Fino is truly a study in flor, and has long, rich, yeasty flavors, and vibrant citrusy acidity.  JR

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