Akitabare Koshiki Junzukuri Junmai Sake 300ml

From Akita prefecture in the North of Japan, this junmai is very dry and light with good acidity. Ideal for fans of clean sake without fruity notes or any semblance of sweetness. The small bottle makes this sake ideal for warming. To heat, bring water to a boil in a pot, then bring it to a simmer. Place the bottle in the water and wait for a few minutes until the sake has warmed. Although the #1 recommended method of sake warming involves a special machine, this is the #2 recommended method and it is quite simple.

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Ishikawa Tedorigawa Yamahai Junmai "Silver Mountain" 720ml

A truly balanced sake from the Ishikawa prefecture, this junmai is dry and light with a pleasant softness, a very subtle fruity aroma and a nice lingering finish. It is made in the old Yamahai method, which allows the bacteria to develop slowly, taking twice as long at the brewery than the modern methods. The result is a sake that is aromatically quite complex and pretty, with a clean sharpness as well.

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Joto Nakao Brewery Hiroshima Daiginjo Sake

This is a shimmering, bright, crisp Daiginjo from the Nakao Brewery in Hiroshima prefecture. Plenty of acidity, balance and less richness and weight than many Daiginjos on the market. This bottling is made specially for Joto Sake and we're proud to stock it here at Chambers Street.

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Masumi Nagano Junmai Ginjo Arabashiri

“First Run” or spring sake is only around for a short while each year. It is “fresh from the vat” and consequently has bright flavors, high acidity and a pleasant yeasty quality. It is packed with vivid flavor and plenty of verve and can pair well with a lot of foods. It is a “namesake,” and thus unpasteurized, so it must always be kept and served chilled.

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