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Kokken Yamahai Junmai 720ml

Made from 100% Miyamanishiki rice, this is a wonderful example of yamahai sake from Kokken, a renowned brewery from the south of Fukushima prefecture. While most sake is made by adding lactic acid to the moto (mash of rice and koji that is a "starter" for fermentation) the more time-consuming yamahai method allows ambient lactic acid bacteria to influence and  proliferate within the moto. While the population of lactic acid bacteria is building within the starter mash, it comes under the influence of other ambient yeasts and bacteria. Once commercial yeast is added and fermentation properly starts, those ambient yeasts and bacterias are quickly overtaken, but their influence remains in the finished sake, giving yamahai sake a distinctly savory, wild, and gamey character. An "old-school" way of making sake, yamahi is prized for its robust character and deep flavor. That being said, this example by Kokken is quite a delicate and easy-drinking yamahai, with a slight savory profile, a hint of fresh cut grass, nice citrus fruit on the palate, and a bit of a lactic quality. With good acidity and a slightly more robust mouthfeel, this is a wonderful food sake which will pair with a number of different dishes, but is also delicious on its own. Oskar Kostecki 

At the first sip, you instantly can taste more of the creamy texture of this sake than most are used to. However, its creaminess plays very well with the slightly sweet, fruit-forward taste you get on the tip of your tongue. Its subtle aromatics hide the lingering fruit in your mouth from every sip. Easy drinking whether its fridge cold or with a slight chill, Kokken Yamahai Junmai works as both a great sake to sip on while you relax or one to share with a group of friends. Louis Jones

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Masumi Nagano Arabashiri 720m

Arabashiri means“first run” and is the quintessential Spring sake. It is only around for a short while each year and is the bottling of the free run juice before it has been pressed in the vat,  and consequently has bright flavors, high acidity and a pleasant yeasty quality. It is packed with vivid flavor and plenty of verve and pairs well with various foods. The 2018 bottling from Masumi is brighter and more elegant than previous years, with notes of lemon, tangerine, apple, pear, and fresh cut grass. We're super excited to finally have this back. Don't miss out before it sells out. Oskar Kostecki

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