Champagne, with Peter Liem


It’s common promo-speak to say that "we are very excited to…" but this time it’s really true. We are very excited that Peter Liem’s book on champagne* is about to be published. Why? Because Peter is one of the smartest tasters of champagne we know (in truth, he’s one of the smartest tasters we know of any wine), and a wonderful writer whose text is genuinely a pleasure to read. There are other good books about champagne, but I certainly haven’t seen anything like this one in terms of finally giving me (a true lover of champagne) a fighting chance at wrapping my head around the complexity of this large and diverse region. Did I mention maps? If you’ve visited the shop you know we love maps, and Champagne has many, including an unbound set of the pioneering (and impossible to find) maps by Larmat.




To celebrate, on October 11th we will have a tasting and book signing at the shop, followed by what promises to be a truly splendid champagne dinner at Racines. To whet your appetite: the dinner will include 4 courses, with champagnes organized in flights by Peter to demonstrate various facets of the wines and connections between them. Champagnes from some of the best small producers will be poured, including wine from Laval, Benard, Vilmart, Dufour, Suenen, Vouette & Sorbée, Bérèche, Pouillon, Laherte, Ruppert-Leroy, Marguet, Lahaye, Horiot, and Ulysse Collin. $180 all-in, for dinner, wine, tax and service.






Vincent Laval                                                             



*In Peter’s words:  “Champagne, when capitalized, refers to the region of Champagne. When the word is lowercased as champagne, it refers to the wine.”

One of the glories of this book is that while it is very much about champagne, it is also a book about Champagne.