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2022 Expectatia from Christian and Thibault Ducroux!


Chambers Street is honored to work with Christian Ducroux, who produces some of the world's most vibrant and delicious natural wines from his five hectares of living soils in Thulon, above Regnié-Durette in the Beaujolais. The estate has been practising organic and Biodynamic farming, with minimal plowing, (i.e. regenerative agriculture) since 1985. Christian's son Thibault has now joined his father full-time at the estate - we thank them both for their important and beautiful work!

We tasted the 2022 Expectatia from different barrels in January 2022 corresponding to the successive pressings, with the more tannic last press probably destined for "Patience." Clearly with a bit more alcohol and ripeness than in 2021, the wines showed beautifully, with gorgeous, deep red and black fruits, lush and ripe with great freshness and balance. This should be fabulous young, but Expectatia ages beautifully so cellaring of up to 10 to 15 years is possible.

Happy New Year from Christian and Thibault

Christian and Thibault aim for mature grapes, but that have low sugar levels, in the style of Jules Chauvet, with normally 10.5 to 12.5% alcohol as finished wines. Vinifications here are with wild yeasts, with zero sulfur or other additives, in a more Burgundian than semi-carbonic style, with the different cuvées determined by the origin of the juice - free-run, or earlier or later parts of the press. But winemaking is not the main topic of conversation chez Ducroux, as discussions usually revolve around the diversity of trees and shrubs in the vineyard, the effects of occasional shallow plowing, animals in the vineyard and other topics regarding the health of the soil -  the factors that contribute to a beautiful living wine.  It's hard to communicate the committment and energy at this estate, showing that viticulture can be healthy, almost totally self-sufficient, and beneficial to its environment while producing vibrant natural wines at the highest levels of artistry! 

6 bottle maximum, please! (discountable if part of a case order) The wine has arrived at our warehouse, pick-up/shipping possible from January 3rd.

("After two winters waiting for rain, this end of year is wet, which is refilling the streams.")