Bucolic Rheingau river and vineyards

Rhine Royalty Part 4: Eva Fricke


The last drops of  German wine on allocation have trickled in, this time from the Rheingau with Eva Fricke. We are so pleased to closeout the year with these gems, Her story is quite different as she is neither a native to the region nor from a winemaking family or region. As in so many stories of young German winemakers, she came to the Rheingau to study enology at Geisenheim. Upon completing her studies, Fricke racked up experience in such diverse & far-flung destinations as Bordeaux, Piedmont, Ribera del Duero and Australia. She returned to the region and worked as technical director at Leitz for seven years before making the first vintage of her own wines in 2006 from a scant 1/4 hectare holding. Now expanded to an impressive 17 hectares she creates soulful village and single vineyard rieslings following completely organic and biodynamic principles that not only are restoring the region to it's former glory but bringing it into the future.

Eva hard at work...

As per the distributor: "Eva’s wines are full of expression, elegant and still moderate in alcohol. Vinification is done exclusively in stainless steel and does not follow a recipe. Elevage is decided individually by vineyard, vintage, selection and maturation of grapes. Fricke’s wine philosophy is simple: pure and delicate wines with the focus on expression and elegance. Fricke believes that Riesling is probably the most complex and at the same time the most sensitive grape variety, with the highest potential to express the character of all the different soils in the Rheingau. Her regional blends are thus the imprint of Rheingau Riesling and a blend of different soils and sites. The village wines show the distinct character of different soils and illustrate the expression of minerality and fruit in harmony.

Kiedrich circled in purple, Hattenheim below left & Eltville below center on the river

Eva’s belief in their natural and organic viticultural management allowed the vines to adapt and react naturally to challenging conditions. This was reflected in the 2022 wines which are characterized by fine, delicate aromatics, refreshing acidity and marked saltiness. They bring elegant minerality and ethereal lightness into the glass and promise to be very fun to drink."We are pleased to offer her regional blend MELANGE and her village wine KIEDRICH. Both are located in the northeasternmost corner of the Rhine river near Wiesbaden. PROST! GISELLE HAMBURG

Fricke, Eva 2021 Rheingau Kiedrich Riesling Trocken

A blend from several organically farmed parcels around Kiedrich comprised of varying soils including sand, loam, loess, quartzite, and slate. Fermented with native yeasts in tank with 8 months on the fine lees (per importer).  Bottled as a Trocken QbA in 2022. The Elektrik Kool-Aid quartzite test. I often wonder how some wines can manage such complexity and electricity in just a simple swirl of the glass and  sip. And yet here we are; the 2022 Kiedrich from Eva Fricke offers seemingly kaleidoscopic detail and a crackling energy all its own. The wine is a pale green-tinged yellow. The nose is zesty and a bit wild, with aromas of sea spray, lemon and lime peel, bracken and green apple skin. The palate is ripe, but chiseled and sinewy, more electric circuit than mere steel, and while is seems to be nearly careening across the palate, the kaleidoscopic bus continues to pick up passengers. Dark, stone, salt lick, cut glass, limoncello, 9-volt battery and spearmint flavors all freak freely and it works. The finish dances exuberantly across the palate and with abandon, yet this energy seems elemental and ecstatic at the same time. There’s a lot of joy here. Turn on, Trocken, drop out! John McIlwain

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Fricke, Eva 2022 Rheingau Riesling Mélange Trocken

As per the distributor: "Melange, as the name implies, is a blend of Rieslings from various vineyard sites around Kiedrich, Eltville and Hattenheim, The vineyard soil types are also a melange: sandy loess / loam with quartzite as well as riverbed sediments with pebbles. Spontaneous fermentation followed by ten months on the lees. 100% stainless steel tank. Notes of peach, apricot and mirabelle, with a crystalline, dry finish. 13.5% alcohol."

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