Berri is the green area on the left; Rocche dell'Annuziata and Toriglione are at the top right. Fruit from all 3 vineyards was used to make the fabulous 2018 Barolo del Commune di La Morra.



The following won’t come as a big surprise since I haven’t exactly hidden my deep enthusiasm for Trediberri. Over the past few years every tasting of Trediberri has increased my sense of urgency in getting the word out – we need to partake before the wines are allocated, expensive, and hard to find. There are some hints that this is beginning to happen, and I won’t be too surprised if the 2019s become a challenge for us to buy. However, at the moment we have the brilliant 2018 Barolo del Commune di La Morra, which includes the fruit from Rocche dell’Annuziata that in easier years is bottled as a single-cru wine. This is to our distinct advantage as the blend exceeds any reasonable expectations for the vintage, producing an exceptional wine.


Nicola Oberto in the cellar                                               


Trediberri -  “the three from Berri” is Federico and son Nicola Oberto, and their friend Vladimiro Rambaldi; they started operations in 2007 and released their first wines in 2012. But Federico had a long career as cellar master for Renato Ratti, and he brought the family treasure of 1.5 hectares of Rocche dell’Annuziata to the new venture. They were lucky enough to find a 5 hectare piece of the Berri vineyard, which is the base for the Barolo classico, along with 1.3 hectares around the winery in Torriglione. What can you count on is organic farming, no additives in winemaking (except very modest amounts of SO2), and a genuine desire that the finished wine be as direct an expression of   its source as possible. Purity, precision, typicity, finesse - Trediberri's got it all. Jamie Wolff


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Trediberri 2018 Barolo del commune di la Morra

“Textbook” says my colleague Giselle upon smelling the 2018 Barolo del Commune di La Morra, and indeed there are distinct rose petal and tar aromatics, along with orange peel, mint, and red cherry. On the palate the wine is very bright and lifted, medium-bodied with ripe tannin, and delicate and lacy on the long finish.It's no secret that 2018 was a challenging vintage in Barolo, and I'd have to agree based on a number of lackluster wines that I've tasted. The Trediberri Barolo is an exception, and an exceptional wine. It's a blend of all of their vineyards  (there was no separate bottling of Rocche dell'Annuziata) and the wine offers the dynamic and complex character that we've come to expect from Trediberri. Nicola and Federico Oberto have quickly established a stellar record, and to have produced such a fine wine in 2018 only bodes well for the future. This is an exciting Barolo! Jamie Wolff                            

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