Tastings are back! - Sorry Kelley Fox will not be here this year., but hopefully in 2023! (Photo of a Feb. 2020 tasting)

Back to Chambers Street - In-store tastings commence!


Hi all, It's been a while. A premier online shop for Loire gems, Piedmont rarities, and all things organic, Biodynamic and natural, Chambers Street is also a friendly neighborhood brick and mortar retail store (remember those?). Back before March of 2020, we were quite prolific with our in-store tastings, where customers and wine geeks alike could come to learn about new wines or wine regions and occasionally meet winemakers in person. This Saturday, we will finally start our in-store tastings again, and next Monday we will have a "Meet the Winemaker" tasting with Jochen Dreissigacker! We're excited to see some old familiar faces, and open up some classic CSW selections. This Saturday we will start with a throwback "New arrivals" tastings, featuring the wines of Jonc Blanc from the South-west of France, some tasty Loire wines from Grandes Vignes and Thomas Batardiere, and a few special guest wines (you'll have to come to find out!). The shelves may not be overflowing with wine (COVID wasn't easy on retail, especially in Tribeca), but our hearts are overflowing with joy to welcome you back!  -Eben Lillie

Jochen Dreissigacker

If you can't make it for the Saturday tasting, mark your calendar for Monday October 24th from 5-7pm, when we will be featuring 3 wines from Jochen Dreissigacker with his NYC distributor and his new export manager in town from Montreal. Some of you may be familiar with his entry level Riesling trocken that we try to carry regularly and when we do, has a reserved spot in our fridge. We will also be showing 2 of his Grosse Lages (Grand Crus) from the 2018 vintage. A little history about the region: When we think of the greatest vineyard sites for Riesling, we envision the breathtaking slopes of the Mosel or the hand-worked terraces of the Rheingau. But in the best villages of Rheinhessen, the vines grow on gentle hillsides with shallow deposits of loess and loam overlying a bedrock of active limestone — reminiscent of the great terroirs of Burgundy and packed with history. The winery was founded in 1728, but it wasn't until 2001, when Jochen took over from his parents, converted the vineyards to organic farming and certified since 2007, that things started to take off. According to the distributor, in 2018 " the Dreissigackers completed a new winery,  in the middle of the Bechtheim vineyards, something that had never been done in the Rheinhessen before. The expansive, gravity-fed cellar allows natural conditions to prevail – from slow, gentle pressings to judicious skin contact for phenolic extraction to ambient ferments. It also offers something many riesling producers can only dream of: “We have space for up to two harvests,” Jochen notes, “enabling us to let our single-site rieslings remain on the fine lees for a minimum of 18 months.” He holds back his top Grosse Lage bottlings for three years after harvest." Hence the 2018s are the current release on offer.


The Dreissigacker Trocken 2021 is available in store, the 2018 Hasensprung and Geyerrsberg are prearrival and will be available next  week. There will also be another surprise vineyard bottling from Morstein shown at the tasting with such limited quantities that it's not being posted for sale in this email, only available for purchase in store at the tasting!

Giselle Hamburg

Dreissigacker 2021 Rheinhessen Riesling Trocken

Jochen Dreissigacker took over his family's estate in 2001 and works organically (certified). The entry-level trocken a mix of estate and purchased grapes (all organic), from mostly south/southeast-facing sites on loess and loam. Fermented with native yeasts and aged in stainless steel tank. Pale gold in the glass. Cool-toned and savory on the nose, with aromas of crushed herbs, honeysuckle, and flint. Dry and lively on the palate with fine mineral cut and mouth-watering acidity highlighted by red apple and stone fruit flavors, with a salty core and a bright minty coolness on the finish. John McIlwain

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Dreissigacker 2018 Rheinhessen Westhofen Hasenprung Riesling Trocken (1

Hasensprung has lots of heavy clay soils interspersed with strips of sand. That allows the vines to root very deeply and amply nourish themselves with water and nutrients from deeper layers of the soil even in the dry summer months. The grapes ripen exceptionally slowly, resulting in concentrated, full-bodied,  aromatic wines with a strong, distinctive character. The 2018 vintage shows strong mineral notes with hints of petrol opening with a slight spritz, delightful!

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Dreissigacker 2018 Rheinhessen Geyserberg Riesling

Geyersberg is one of the best and warmest vineyard sites in Rheinhessen. Weathered limestone and loess soils combined with a unique climate and 70 year old vines yield rich, expressive, complex wines with a smoky note and exceptional ageing potential.  Because the site typically ripens a week earlier than his other sites,  Jochen puts the wine into neutral barrel. The wine is super bright and linear with filigreed acidity and lemon curd.

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