A peek at Grumello from the ocular window in the Ar.Pe.Pe. cantina.

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The quality of wine in the Valtellina has steadily improved since I first visited 20 years ago, but Ar.Pe.Pe remains at the top of the region. Over the years the farming has improved, and their wines are as consistently elegant and transparent as ever – simply in a class of their own, setting the very high standard against which their neighbors’ wines are inevitably measured.


Above, Isabella Pelizatti in Grumello. You can get a sense of how steep the terraced vineyards are - too steep for any machinery to be used. An hour of vineyard work in Barolo is the equivalent of 8 hours in the Valtellina.

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Grumello on a cloudy morning                                                                                                                                  

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Ar.Pe.Pe 2015 Valtelina Superiore Grumello Rocca di Piro

So here we have an interesting challenge: a relatively young wine that demands to be decanted. Ar.Pe.Pe. does not fine or filter, but currently there is no sediment; this is a classic bottle of Alpine Nebbiolo, and it completely transforms with time to breathe – say, for at least 6 hours. To test this, we opened (but did not decant) two bottles on successive days, and both followed the same development. Initially somewhat subdued, with not entirely promising aromas dominated by stewed prunes, we put the bottle(s) aside, and checked-in every few hours as the wine gradually opened-up. By hour 5 the wine had convincingly come alive, showing bright raspberry and tart dried cherry with savory mountain herbs and stone, and lots of ferrous character, with fine tannins and good length. The wine held up amazingly well – after being open for 4 days bottle # 1 is showing very well this morning!  This will be a very useful bottle as (sigh) summer winds-down and the weather cools off.  Jamie Wolff

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