Lighting of the Olympic torch in Ancient Greece

Hellenic Hits


In honor of our new Greek selections, we look to the Ancient Olympics and Mythology for inspiration. Our 5 new wines hail from the North, the Peloponnese ( the hand ) and an island as we embark on our own Odyssey. Starting with our wines from nearby the birthplace of the Olympics, we head to the Peloponnese to the land called Arcadia. In ancient mythology, Arcas was a son of Zeus, a hunter who became King of Arcadia. It is also the birthplace of Pan the mythic half man/half goat. Pan’s homeland – and the main seat of his worship – was Arcadia, the mountainous, wild, and rustic central region of Peloponnese. Here the god spent most of his days wandering the forests, playing haunting melodies on his pipes, chasing nymphs, and taking naps in secluded places during the heat of the noontide. This is the inspiration for our first wine: