Ducroux vines in Thulon

The Beautiful Natural Wines of Christian Ducroux: 2020 "Exspectatia," "Esquisse" Rosé and "Cuvée Thibault!"


Chambers Street is honored to work with Christian Ducroux, who produces some of the world's most vibrant and delicious natural wines from his five hectares of living soils in Thulon, above Regnié-Durette in the Beaujolais. The estate has been practising organic and Biodynamic farming, with minimal plowing, since 1985.

Christian aims for mature grapes, but that have low sugar levels, in the style of Chauvet, with normally 10.5 to 12.5% alcohol as finished wines. Vinifications here are with wild yeasts, with zero sulfur added, with usually a pied-de-cuve taken a week or two earlier from all his parcels. It's hard to communicate the committment and energy at this estate, showing that viticulture can be healthy, almost totally self-sufficient, and beneficial to its environment while producing vibrant natural wines at the highest levels of artistry! 

Case qantities are possible for "Exspectatia" and "Esquisse," three-bottle maximum please for "Cuvée Thibault." October arrival.

Christian (Photo: E. Lillie)
In cellar with Eben (Photo P. Lepeltier)

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Ducroux 2020 Vin de France Esquisse Rosé (Jan 12th)

Christian Ducroux's unique "Esquisse" Rosé is a totally natural wine, made without sulfur-dioxide or other additives or adjustments, 100% Gamay from a high-altitude parcel above Thulon, and usually containing the secondary grapes ("grisemottes") harvested in late October. Low alcohol (11.5%) and ultra-refreshing... The 2020 shows a pale pink/orange color, the aromas show a hint of spice with creamy raspberry fruit with rose petal and citrus. The palate shows subtle, bright berry fruits, citrus and minerals with a touch of earthiness in the finish with firm acidity. Very refreshing, quite naturally delicious, serve quite cool with just about anything....

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