A Barbaresco Bargain (Really!)


We are stoked with scorching (or should it be: scorchin’?) INSANE excitement for this smoking hot (smokin’ hot?) beauty of a Barbaresco Bargain!

In a wine world where we are bombarded with offers overloaded with superlatives, how can we make you stop for a second to contemplate a bargain? How can a wine be so good and not cost more? Sometimes in the shop a customer chooses the more expensive wine simply because the equally-good but lower-priced alternative doesn't fit their perception of value : quality. It's a very rare thing to find a Barbaresco that hits the mark for $32.99 (with 10% off for any order of 12 or more bottles of wine).  I've been looking for one (tasting that is, and kissing a lot of frogs in the process) for many years, and this is a first. Jamie Wolff



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Cantina del Glicine 2015 Barbaresco Vignesparse

Glicine is a small winery, run on traditional lines – aging in large Slavonian oak, long fermentations. The farming is organic (but not certified), They produce two single-vineyard wines, from Cura and Marcorino; the Vignesparse (“scattered vines”) is a blend of fruit in the classic manner, from Gallina, Serraboella, and Serracapelli – offering, by historical characterization: finesse (Gallina), structure (Serraboella), and fruit (Serracapelli) – thus obtaining a balance of elements and complexity that a single-vineyard might not deliver.

Like many 2015s, the Vignesparse has some muscle and depth, but it’s a wine that floats. I tasted it right on opening (without decanting) and was immediately happy, but it continued to open and improve over the next two days until it really hit a sweet spot. Aromatically classic, with rose, balsalm, red fruit and foresty elements; fine tannins softened considerably with air, making for an elegant and weightless wine, with great persistence on the palate. A real treat now, especially with a decent amount of time in a decanter, but this will continue to develop over the next few years. And yes, a hell of a deal! Jamie Wolff

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