Looking east from the belvedere in La Morra

Reasons to be cheerful! A Big Barolo Tasting


We continue to make the case that it's a golden age in Barolo and Barbaresco, thanks to a handful of producers who are making truly great wines. Some are known to just about everyone, and some are new to most of us. To prove the point, Oskar and Jamie are going to pour 12(!) wines for you to taste here in the shop - at no charge - on Saturday, November 30th, from 4-7pm:

Alessandria Barolo 2015

Alessandria Barolo 2015 Gramolere

Alessandria Barolo 2015 San Lorenzo

Boggione Barolo 2015 Brunate

Brovia Barolo 2015

Brovia Barolo 2015 Garblet Sue

Negri, Giulia Barolo 2015 Tartuffaia

Principiano Barolo 2015 Ravera

Roagna Barolo Pira 2014

Roagna Barbaresco 2014 Albesani

Roagna Barbaresco 2014 Paje

Trediberri Barolo 2015

Please join us for what will be a very interesting tasting!