Old postcard showing sites around the town of Ayl. (credit: vom Boden website)

Saturday Afternoon Feature: Lauer 2018ers!


The new vintage of Weingut Peter Lauer just landed in the shop! A warm vintage overall, Florian Lauer found himself not only harvesting earlier*, but also had his work cut out for him at press time. Drawing inspiration from Champagne, he ended up fractioning at press in order to help preserve acidity and the overall style he wanted for each bottling. As yields were higher than usual, there were a few wines that had separate bottlings: we've listed any unique APs in the item description. New to the US market, we enthusiastically welcome Fass 3 and Fass 4 (feinherb) bottlings, both incredibly refreshing and luminous wines. We here at the shop can never have too many slightly off-dry Rieslings, they are just a joy to drink! Stirn is, as always, shop favorite (so far), and we look forward to trying the other 'Grand Cru' and Prädikat bottlings as much as we hope you do! Cari Bernard



*Many thanks to vom Boden and Mosel Fine Wines for more insight into Lauer's vintage.

Lauer, Peter 2018 Saar Ayler Riesling Fass 3 Feinherb

New to the US, sourced from a parcel adjacent to Stirn on the Ayler Kupp. Fass 3 is that electric, ever-so-slightly off-dry Saar Riesling we love: bright notes of juicy tangerine and nectarine are focused and practically shimmer on the palate. A lively pairing for ceviche, fried chicken, salty snacks, dry hot pot. Cari Bernard

  • white off-dry
  • 48 in stock
  • $29.99

Lauer, Peter 2018 Saar Ayler Riesling Fass 4 Feinherb

Another newcomer this vintage, Fass 4 is sourced from the Scheidterberg and Rauberg vineyards, located west/northwest of the town of Ayl with south/southeast exposition and much softer gradient to the slope. Fass 4 is more citrusy than the Fass 3: key lime juice, tangerines, starfruit and nectarines are punchy, light and fresh with kaleidoscopic acidity balancing the 36 g/L of residual sugar and sustaining a lengthy finish. Brilliant Riesling in all senses of the word. Cari Bernard

  • white off-dry
  • 18 in stock
  • $28.99

Lauer, Peter 2018 Saar Ayler Kupp Riesling Kern Fass 9

Kern is a parcel on the west-facing side of the Ayler Kupp, extending from the top to the bottom of the slope, with slate at multiple levels of erosion, warmed by the afternoon sun. When we tried the wine a few months ago, it was showing a bit more reticence than expected (but we assume that's an unfortunate side-effect from tasting suitcase-carried bottles right after arrival). Subtle notes of green herb stems, delicate florals, and juicy orange, balanced with just a hint of sweetness. We look forward to re-visiting this bottle! Cari Bernard

  • white off-dry
  • 24 in stock
  • $43.99

Lauer, Peter 2018 Saar Ayler Kupp Riesling Neuenberg

Lauer's parcel of the Neuenberg is located on the flank of the Ayler Kupp, closer to the base of the slope. Tasting notes forthcoming...Cari Bernard

  • white
  • 5 in stock
  • $55.99

Lauer, Peter 2018 Saar Ayler Kupp Riesling Stirn

Fass 15, Stirn (forehead), comes from near the top of the Ayler Kupp where the hill curves around; the meager soils, cooler climate and wind at this altitude make for a site that is often harvested last. A nose flooded with gardenias and magnolia blossoms, sorrel, stone and wild strawberries, the Stirn is singing with zesty green plum and mango, key lime zest, grapefruit, and nectarine, great balance and tension built on a mineral core. Cari Bernard

  • white off-dry
  • 29 in stock
  • $44.99

Lauer, Peter 2018 Saar Ayler Kupp Riesling Fass 7 Spätlese

Much like the Kabinett, grapes for the Spätlese are pre-selections from multiple vineyards on Ayler Kupp. Tasting notes forthcoming...Cari Bernard

  • white medium-sweet
  • 7 in stock
  • $40.99

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Lauer, Peter 2018 Saar Ayler Kupp Riesling Fass 2 'Extra Dry'

This is Florian's 'Extra Dry' offering, sourced from near the Neuenberg vineyard on the Ayler Kupp. The ripeness of the vintage helps balance what is often the most austere and angular of Florian's wines. Green herbs and florals on the nose, the palate is just a touch soft but pleasantly citrusy and fruity, with notes of fresh oranges, tangerines, apricots on a lengthy finish. (AP 021) Cari Bernard

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  • white
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  • $29.99

Lauer, Peter 2018 Saar Ayler Kupp Riesling Unterstenberg

Covered in eroded gray slate, Unterstenberg is the site on the Ayler Kupp that has the highest capacity for water retention due to its location at the foot of the hillside. Nicely balanced florals and yellow nectarines, Fuji apple, just slightly off-dry. Cari Bernard

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  • white
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  • $38.99